Ms. Roshani Bhattarai

Ambassador Roshani Bhattarai joined International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) from April, 2016 as “Secretary to The World Chairman”. During her stay in Secretariat office of IHRC in Islamabad, Pakistan, she had been working with the organising team of 1st World Youth Summit for Peace 2016. She actively participated in all the events and side events of WYSP 2016. She was awarded by the Former Prime Minister of Tunisia and the World Chairman of IHRC in presence of Former Prime Minister of Nepal and Pakistan during the Summit.

During “Beauty Speaks for Peace” the side events of WYSP, Roshani was crowned as the “Ceremonial Miss Universal Peace & Humanity for 2016”, as she will be passing her crown to New MUPH on Beauty Speaks for Peace-2019, in Dubai, during WYSP.

Currently, she is working as Secretary to the International and Foreign Affairs of IHRC in UAE for organising WYSP 2019 in Dubai. She is also the Principle Advisor to the WYSP 2019.