Major (R) Muhammad Amin Nasir

Major Muhammad Amin Nasir (retired) comes from Kasur, district of Punjab, PAKISTN. He completed his studies from local institutions and earned scholarships /positions in each Board Examinations. He is one amongst very few, those became Commissioned Officer in the district Kasur.
Major Muhammad Amin Nasir (retired) is a dedicated humanity loving personality. He is involved in social work since his school age once he registered first NGO (Tanzeem –e- Nujawanan) for the welfare and empowerment of youth of his village during 1973 and conducted various activities of local level for the better life of village resident.
He graduated from Pakistan Military Academy Kakul Abbottabad. He was commissioned in Pakistan Army (Corps of Artillery) in 1983. During the service he service he enjoyed various key positions. He served as Chief Security Officers of President of Pakistan for couple of years, once his services were deputed to Pakistan Rangers Sindh Karachi.
After his retirement from Pakistan Army, after 24 years of c0lour service, he launched MUAR Events International during 2004 and hosted/organized number of local and mega International Events. He is passionate sports lover and working for sports development in the country as he believes Sports are effective tool to develop healthy and peaceful society. He conceived, designed and launched various cultural, sports & leisure festivals to promote unique, adventure sports, rural sports and cultural sports in the country.
During Earthquake in Pakistan, he led the relief team of 50 friends and worked for about two months in Kashmir and save number of lives. During Floods he did solo effort along with friend Major Jaffer Sadiq and he opened up free food camps in SUKKUR and THATHA SINDH. He was able to provide, three times a day free food, to 1, 49,000 needy and flood affected people. Furthermore along with technical support of local administration/ Ranger Headquarters he provided huge quantity of medicines to medical camps organized by Shahbaz Rangers Headquarters in interior Sindh flooded areas.
Major Muhammad Amin Nasir (retired) is also the first ever Founder and Chairman of 67 community, community of his fellow officers and looking after their social needs since 2004. He enjoy respect and honour amongst his fellow officers, irrespective of rank/positions. 67 community comprising hundreds of officers, spread around world, does look towards him for solution of their any social issue.
Major Muhammad Amin Nasir (retired) is Founder of THINK PAKISTAN project that is working for development and empowerment of youth since 2008 and conducted various programs to make them a good and healthy citizen of Pakistan.
Major Muhammad Amin Nasir (retired) is the Founder key member and Director Media & PR of Pakistan Institute of Hockey that working for renaissance of Hockey sport in the country. Since 2012, it has given free training, for one year, to 3000 children, aging from 8 – 16 years. Five PIH training academies are established all over Pakistan for the purpose and all these projects are working on self help basis of his PR network.
Major Muhammad Amin Nasir (retired) is associated with International Human Rights Commission since over a decade. He worked at various advisory level positions and is the key figure of IHRC Core Team. He currently has the chair of Chief of Staff in IHRC Headquarters and President Organizing Committee for World Youth Summit for Peace 2016. He is also founder member of International Human Rights Commission Relief Fund Trust. Having vast experience of working in many organizations he has always remained effective advisor for policy making, project designing and ground operations. He is an asset to the organization.