International Cultural Fashion Show

The International Cultural & Fashion Show (Pageant) 2020 is an initiative that introduces talented local designers to cutting edge new technologies, subject matter experts and wearable technology. This event is meant to provide audience something they dreamt of. It is also a move to contribute to peace and earn a good name to the country by showing the world a soft image of a country. This event will set new trends in the market and encourage such activities in future.

The main objectives of this event are to promote the Soft Image of Peace through the women beauty which will also showcase the Women empowerment and Youth Promotion according to our worldwide pledge for the SDG 2030. The theme of ICFS 2020 is named as “Beauty Speaks for peace”. The International Cultural & Fashion Show (Pageant) 2020 is a multidimensional fashion event that provides opportunities for leading & upcoming Youth Fashion Designers and Sponsors to come face-to-face. ICFS is an initiative to bring top fashion Icons from all around the world on one platform.

It will feature up to 20 foreign models/beauty queens who either were crowned in beauty contests or stood runner ups, also it will bring on ramp some very famous models/ celebrities that have gained international exposure. Some top world designers will showcase their most awesome collections and a major media group will be there to cover and give it the maximum hype, featured up to 20 Foreign Models. The all International Models will be titled as the Ambassador of Peace & Women Empowerment out of them winner & 2 runners up will be crowned during the event.

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