CAYL 2020

International Webinar Conference on Climate Action & Youth Leadership 2020


Effects of climate change include higher temperatures, increases in precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, weather-related natural disasters, increased drought and decreased food security. The Earth’s average surface temperature, has increased 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius) . The 1997 Kyoto Protocol was an international agreement intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but many nations failed to hold to the protocol’s standards. In 2018, the Paris Agreement was signed by over 200 nations with the purpose of preventing global temperatures and developed nations agreed to subsidize the efforts of developing nations to meet the standards of the agreement and begin using more renewable energy sources.

Climate change is here. As its impact intensifies over time, it is the children and young people of today who will face the worst effects. But far from being passive victims, young people all over the world have begun to fight back on a scale never seen before.

Youth are leading global movement & demanding greater action from governments to fight climate change & millions are marching to demonstrate their support. Whether through education, technology, science or law, young people are speaking for climate action.

We are the last generation that can end climate change. We can and we will. The International Human Rights Commission #IHRC is going to organize “International Webinar Conference on Climate Action & Youth Leadership” before 2020 ends.

“We are the last generation that can end climate change. We can and we will”.




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